It's hard to be a teenager

Langston:I mean at the end of the day, I am still a teenager.

But it's even harder to be a star

Ava:I am basically a teen super model.When you think teen model you think Ava Starr

And the characters on Hollywood Starz are learning exactly that

Reporter:Rumors have flown around that your relationship with Mason Malone is a publicity stunt.

Ellie:I'm not like you.All the eyes aren't on me.

And on the debut season of Hollywood Starz,everything will happen
There will be love.
Langston and Mason kiss.Rachel and Victor kiss.Grant and Charlotte kiss.Ava looks at Ian lovingly.

Austin:I'd be lying if I said that I don't sometimes wonder about you.

Sean:I never got to tell her how I feel.

Mikie:When I look at her, I just........something just opens up.

There will be war
Mason and Kendall look at each other angrily.Sean glares at Grant.

Langston:Don't stop without a fight.

Grant:The best thing for you to do is to stay away.

There will be trials

Ellie:I just feel like we're being pulled in two different directions.

Kayla:Not if we can't get past this.

And some tribulations

Mason:I know that we have is real.

Kendall:I feel like I'm lying to everyone.

And some tears
Ellie is seen crying.Langston crying hugs Sean.Charlotte looks at Sean as tears fill her eyes.
But in the end, the power of friendship

Langston:I've never had a better friend than you.

Shaylie:What would I do without you?

Langston and Mikie hug.Ava nudges Shaylie who smiles.
And the love of family

Rachel:I don't care whether you're a model,singer,or a actor, you're brothers and sisters before everything.

Starr Family Group Hug.

Sean:Believe it or not, I know more than you little bro.And if I can, I'm gonna help you with this difficult path we call life.

Ava:We're more alike than you think.

Will get them through.

Charlotte:We did it.

Matthew:I always knew you could do it.

Tune in to Hollywood Starz.

Victor:With this family and Hollywood,you never know what to expect.

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