Langston Starr
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15-16
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Address: Hollywood,CA
Occupation(s): Teen TV & Movie Actress
Aliases: Lang (by family and friends)
Family & Friends
Family: Victor Starr (adopted father)
Rachel Starr (adopted mother)
Sean Starr (adopted brother)
Mikie Starr (adopted brother)
Ava Starr (adopted sister)
Sexuality: Straight
Relationships: Mason Malone (boyfriend)
Friends: Ellie Walsh (best friend)
Mikie Starr (best friend)
Kendall Wheeler
Charlotte Blue
Other Information
Interests: Acting
Talent: Acting
Strengths: Family
Series Information

First appearance: Meet The Stars
Portrayer: Zendaya
Langston Starr is a main character on Hollywood Starz.She's the adopted daughter of Victor and Rachel Starr.She's the adopted sister of Mikie,Ava,and Sean Starr.She's also the best friend of Ellie Walsh and the girlfriend of Mason Malone.She's also close with her brother,Mikie.


Langston is a beautiful girl with a big heart .She's fun and loving.She likes to have fun and make people happy by doing what she loves.She's close with her family and always wants people to be happy.She is very intelligent and always has a plan if something goes wrong.She is hardworking and always want to do her best.She's extremely confident and always lets people know how she feels.She is outspoken and laid back.


Langston Mikayla Starr is the youngest along with Mikie of the Starr Family.She was adopted at the age of 6 months just like her brother Mikie and found at the same orphanage.Her birth parents are unknown and Langston barely cares due to how close she is with her adopted family.Not that she calls them that.


  • Is closest with her adopted brother,Mikie.However, Sean is very protective of her.
  • Is a huge Daddy's Girl.
  • Constantly play fights with Ava.
  • Agreed to date Mason Malone at first to boost up their publicity status and now she's dating him for who he is.
  • Best friends are Ellie and Mikie.
  • Sometimes loves being risky.
  • Always handing out advice.
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