Ava Starr
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16-17
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Teen Model
Family & Friends
Family: Victor Starr (adopted father)
Rachel Starr (adopted mother)
Sean Starr (adopted brother)
Langston Starr (adopted sister)
Mikie Starr (adopted brother)
Sexuality: Straight
Friends: Shaylie Grey (best friend)
Other Information
Interests: Modeling
Talent: Modeling
Series Information

First appearance: Meet The Stars
Portrayer: Melinda Shankar
Ava Starr is a main character on Hollywood Starz.She's the adopted daughter of Victor and Rachel Starr.She's the adopted sister of Mikie,Langston,and Sean Starr.She's also the best friend of Shaylie Grey.


Ava is a fashion forward naive girl.She loves to have fun and just wants to party all the time.Her head is full of ideas but most of time they're ideas that led to trouble.She's street smart and book smart but also wild and uncontrollable.She has no fear and looks danger in the eyes.She's highly confident and determined.She loves her friends and doesn't believe in stopping to get what you want.She can be very ditzy and gullible though.


Ava Angelina Starr is the second to oldest member of the Starr Family.She was adopted at the age of 1.Rachel Starr found her in an orphanage while shooting a movie and fell in love with her.Ava's birth mother died giving birth to her and her father is unknown.It doens't hurt Ava much.However, she can be a duplicate of Rachel.


  • Is close with her mom due to their love of modeling
  • Is close with her big brother Sean and tries to get Langston to be more like her.
  • Teases around with Mikie.
  • Shaylie and Sean always have to keep her from doing crazy things.
  • Hates it when she's proved wrong.
  • Has play fights with Langston constantly.
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